More remote-managed irrigation than all other brands combined.

AgSense® powers your farm. With it, you can access real-time information about your operation, control center pivot irrigation remotely, and monitor your farm through your smartphone, tablet or PC. Stay on top of things, wherever you are.

Find Your Local AgSense Dealer

Right there beside you, with unbeatable service

AgSense dealers provide you with premier technological advice and service. Finding your local AgSense dealer is easy!

Remote Irrigation

Supervise and control your pivot, linear and drip irrigation systems

Manage a mixed fleet of hydraulic and electric pivots on a single dashboard. AgSense offers the most advanced and easy-to-use irrigation management system in the industry.

Weather Solutions

Keep up-to-date on weather conditions

AgSense weather stations remotely monitor rainfall, temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, solar radiation and leaf wetness.

Flow Monitoring

Connect your flowmeter to track water usage remotely

View current flow meter readings and access historical data. AgSense makes it quick and easy to generate and submit reports for regulatory agencies.