Understanding the Lingo of Remote Pivot Irrigation

Understanding the Lingo of Remote Pivot Irrigation

Everything in technology has its own language, and remote pivot irrigation is no exception. That’s why understanding the lingo is so important. Knowing key words like telemetry, cloud-based technology, mobile farm management, and variable rate irrigation will provide you with a better understanding of important terms associated with remote pivot irrigation.

When referring to center pivot irrigation, telemetry is the communication between the hardware that is installed on the pivot and the software on the website or app. At AgSense, there are three types of hardware installed on the pivot. Field Commander mounts on the end tower of any brand of pivot, CommanderVP connects directly to Valley Digital panels, and Precision Link connects into T-L PPC III panels. Together with our state-of-the-art app and web software, AgSense telemetry gives you the ability to have remote pivot control and monitoring capabilities. This ability is referred to as mobile farm management. You can control and monitor your pivots on any internet-friendly device by accessing them on a computer via or downloading our free app on your smartphone or tablet. AgSense telemetry units have a cell phone modem in them that transmits data to the cloud.

 ‘The cloud’ is often an intimidating term, but, in reality, it’s just a buzzword that means your data is stored on a remote server. Because the data is stored remotely, it can be accessed remotely as well. Thanks to this cloud-based technology, you have the ability to access historical data to generate reports from anywhere. We have many customizable reports available that allow you to track everything from total gallons pumped, energy consumption and even water district reports that show every acre inch of water applied throughout your field. Reporting is a very valuable feature as precision irrigation and VRI become increasingly important for water conservation. Since not all fields are the same, farmers use VRI (variable rate irrigation) programs to customize water application so water is applied only where it needs to be and not to unnecessary areas in the field. AgSense provides you the ability to remotely upload and enable these VRI prescriptions to your pivot.

With a better understanding of the lingo of remote pivot irrigation, mobile farm management will be easier than ever. Use AgSense telemetry along with cloud-based technology to implement VRI prescriptions. To learn more about AgSense, visit our webpage at or try out one of our demo units. Demo units can be found on or on the free ‘AgSense’ mobile app. Go to the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android) to download AgSense directly to your mobile phone or tablet.

Posted: Dec 21, 2016 in Blog, News You Can Use