What is the “AgSense Farm”?

As a grower, you need to make informed decisions that will help conserve resources and produce a profitable operation. AgSense® hardware enables you to do just that. The AgSense Farm equips you with the advanced technology you need to maximize your efficiency and to save time, water and money. It’s peace of mind that gives you the time and freedom to enjoy life.

Whether you’re looking to remotely implement VRI prescriptions for irrigation, or monitor grain bins, tank levels or even the weather, AgSense technology has you covered.

The AgSense Farm

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Welcome to the AgSense® Farm

Being a grower is hard work – making your farm an “AgSense® Farm” is about simplifying that process to make decision-making and monitoring easier, smarter and more real-time. The AgSense Farm offers technology that brings information together at your fingertips for reliable, instant, easy access for better control and peace of mind. | 4 min 54 sec

Your Local AgSense Dealer

Only your local AgSense dealer can give you the best advice on which irrigation technology and options are right for you. Find your dealer today!