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Valley® Irrigation Launches a New Line of Smart Panels

Valley Irrigation | Jan 06, 2017

Growers are about to gain smarter, simpler options for controlling and managing their irrigation pivots. Valley® Irrigation, the leader in irrigation technology, introduces the smartest center pivot control available today with the new Valley ICON series of smart panels, providing intuitive control for any center pivot irrigation machine.

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AgSense® App Adds Field Weather and Map View

Steve Sveum | Apr 05, 2016

AgSense®, the worldwide leader in precision irrigation, has upgraded its app, “AgSense Mobile,” adding in functionality for “Map View” on smartphones, and making use of its products’ GPS capabilities to deliver location-based weather on all of its dashboard platforms.

This significant feature update is provided to users free of charge and comes on the heels of the new mobile app’s initial release in January.

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AgSense® Announces New Mobile App Launch

Trisha Mitzel | Jan 08, 2016

AgSense®, the worldwide leader in precision irrigation, has launched a new app, “AgSense Mobile,” streamlining its smartphone and tablet interface to provide growers with the latest in precision-irrigation technology.

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AgSense Releases V6.0 of WagNet App

Steve Sveum | Apr 27, 2015

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, AgSense released significant new features in its mobile irrigation app this week.  WagNet Mobile version 6.0 now includes the availability of Portuguese and Spanish languages.

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AgSense Partners With Valley Irrigation

Trisha Mitzel | Aug 26, 2014

For this reason, the ownership of AgSense and the board of directors of Valmont Industries have agreed the time is right for a mutually beneficial partnership. This will come in the form of a joint venture between the two companies, with a majority ownership by Valmont starting immediately.

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AgSense Releases iPad Version Popular “WagNet Mobile” App

Steve Sveum | Jul 30, 2014

Remote irrigation leader, AgSense LLC recently released an iPad version of its flagship mobile application “WagNet Mobile”.

This update includes a more comprehensive, user-friendly navigation and added features, as well as several additional sensor and irrigation programming capabilities.

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