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Precision Irrigation: A Three-Legged Stool

You, AgSense and your Agronomist – a three-legged stool that will maximize your yield and profit potential.

As a grower, you know the importance of making informed irrigation decisions that will conserve resources and produce a profit. Making this goal a reality is possible by introducing the techniques of precision irrigation to your operation. Tools like variable rate irrigation (VRI) and remote sensor monitoring are proven gamechangers that allow you to easily put an emphasis on data collection and historical reporting. However, implementing this equipment and learning what to do with the data requires help. Being able to use your personal knowledge, the support of your AgSense dealer, and the expertise of an agronomist can be crucial to maximizing your farm’s success.

You, your local AgSense dealer and your agronomist. It’s what we like to refer to in precision irrigation as the ‘three-legged stool’.

The grower is in charge of working the land and growing the crops. The AgSense dealer is in charge of getting the water where it’s needed and installing the hardware required for your equipment. The agronomist brings it all together by facilitating the data analysis and making recommendations for your irrigation plan.

The involvement of your AgSense dealer is important for several reasons as they:

  • Make recommendations for new equipment around your farm.
  • Inspect your irrigation machines to ensure applicate rates are accurate.
  • Assist in monitoring your machines.
  • Help you get started with a basic VRI prescription.

In a similar manner, your agronomist helps out by:

  • Observing your soil moisture probes.
  • Building a plan of action to prevent you from applying too much or too little water.
  • Sharing their understanding about the relationship between soil moisture and the amount of water used by plants (which will fine-tune your existing VRI prescriptions).


Dramatically decrease your workload by taking advantage of the ‘three-legged stool’ approach. You’ll be surprised how easily you’re able to save time, increase your efficiency, improve your decision-making and maximize your yield. With precision irrigation properly implemented on your operation, you’ll be left with only one question: “How did I ever farm without it?”


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Three Legged Stool- AgSense

AgSense explains its three-legged stool approach to precision irrigation: it’s an approach that emphasizes the equal importance of growers, agronomists, and local AgSense dealers. | 4 min 58 sec