AgSense® Farm

Field Commander

Take control of your pivots.

The industry-leading Field Commander incorporates patented GPS technology to remotely monitor and control irrigation systems from web-connected smartphones, tablets, and computers. Installed on more pivots than all competitive units combined, it provides near real-time information and up-to-the-minute alarms via email or text messaging. 

Why Field Commander?

  • Economically provides the functionality of a digital panel while still working with any brand or vintage of mechanical panel 
  • Compatible with center pivot and linear machines 
  • Manage a mixed fleet of hydraulic and electric pivots 
  • Industry leading mobile app includes: Quick Start, Map View, Graphical Table Editor, Auto Restart, Active & Recent Commands, Reports and Graphs, and in-app Current Weather & Forecasts 
  • "Remote Speed Override" feature allows the panel percent timer to easily override web-programmed speeds for planting, spraying, harvesting, etc.
  • Set machine speed by choice of: Percent Timer, Pivot Angle, Application Rate, Hours per Revolution, or Hours to Stop Angle
  • Single or Dual Stop-In-Slot (Stop Angles)
  • Auto Restart by Software, not Panel Equipment
  • Cable Theft Monitoring and Alerts without Power
  • Crash Zone/Overlap Alerts Help Avoid Machine Collisions
  • Program Multiple Timed Start and Timed Stop Commands
  • Comprehensive Management and Irrigation District Reports

Simplify it.
If it’s a stripped-down model you’re after, Field Commander Lite allows you to simply monitor and stop your pivots. You can still set up alerts and view real-time information.

Features Chart

Monitor Control
Acre/Inches Applied Yes
Auto-Restart Yes Yes
Auxiliary Relay Status Yes Yes
Auxiliary Tables Yes
Battery Strength Yes
Cell Signal Yes
Complete Revolution Time Yes Yes
Crash/Overlap Zone Yes Yes
Current Cycle Time Yes
Direction Yes Yes
End Gun Yes Yes
End Gun 2 Yes Yes
Estimated Rate Yes
GPS Location Yes
Historical Reports Yes
Last Reading Yes
Multiple Timed Commands Yes
Pending Timed Commands Yes
Power On/Off Yes
Pivot On/Off Yes
Pump On/Off Yes Yes
Rainfall Yes
Remaining Revolution Yes
Remote Speed Override Yes Yes
Request Reading Yes
Run Time Yes
Speed Yes Yes
Speed By Direction Yes
Start Yes
Start At Time Yes
Stop Yes
Stop At Angle Yes
Stop By Time Yes
Status Alert Yes Yes
Theft Monitoring Yes
Water Pressure Yes
VRI By Direction Yes
VRI Tables Yes

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