AgSense® Farm


Keep Tabs on Weather Conditions

Why use our in-depth, custom remote weather monitoring?

Crop Link Solar Weather Station

  • See your weather, irrigation, soil moisture and grain bin data on one dashboard 

  • Weather alerts improve labor and farm machine efficiency 

  • Generate real-time charts and historical graphs of weather data

  • Keep expensive chemicals where you need them when spraying crops

  • Receive information directly from your field instead of relying on third-party apps


AgSense Weather Stations Remotely Monitor Rainfall, Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed & Direction, Solar Radiation and Leaf Wetness 


  • Precipitation can greatly vary from field to field. Rainfall is shown in 12hr., 24hr. and Year to Date amounts and starts measuring rainfall as soon as it starts.

  • External temperature sensors aid in vital farm decision making. Including heat and frost conditions for irrigation, harvesting, and livestock. 

  • Not only are Relative Humidity sensors perfect for monitoring field conditions at harvest time, but they can also be used to monitor ventilation in poultry and hog living enclosures.

  • It's more important than ever to monitor wind speed and direction. This is the perfect method for keeping expensive chemicals in your own fields. 

  • Solar Radiation is important to measure the intensity, quality, and duration of the suns rays. A common use is to monitor delicate crop stages in barley and rice.

  • The leaf wetness sensor is connected directly to a plant's leaf. This helps predict the perfect time for spraying crops, measuring water storage in the plant and detecting frost.

"AgSense's precise and localized weather information allows us the capability of responding to potential compliance regulations in a timely fashion."-Landy Clifton, Enviro-Ag Engineering, Amarillo, TX