AgSense® Farm

Theft Monitoring

Protect Your Pivots from Copper Theft

Stay Secure
Take control of your security. With the Field Commander or CommanderVP from AgSense®, you can rest easier. With irrigation system cable theft rampant, you can rely on keeping your investment safe with AgSense. Whether your equipment is powered on or off, you and your crew will be notified whenever a span cable is cut.

For years, the PRO Field Commander has included theft monitoring capabilities as long as the pivot was powered. But in response to the uptick in thefts in recent years, we've expanded this service dramatically. Regardless of service level, every 2014 (or newer) Field Commander now monitors for theft even if the pivot is not powered. This includes if there is a power outage, load control, gen-set, main disconnect turned off, etc.

There is no extra cost to the grower for this feature.  

How Does it Work?
The device sends a ‘pulse’ several times each minute when there is no power to the box. If the pulse does not complete the loop and return to the Field Commander, it sends a text message alert through WagNet to up to ten individual cell phones and/or emails alerting that power has been interrupted, most likely due to theft.

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