AgSense® Farm


See all devices on one login page

  • Easily customizable
  • Set up and organize Groups
  • Start and stop all systems in each group with one button
  • Color-coded graphics for quick at-a-glance analysis of current status
  • Quickly check all irrigation systems from the recliner, beach, or baseball game - not the pickup or 4-wheeler!

Realtime Geographic Data with 'Map View'

  • Monitor and manage all devices through the Map View tool found in your AgSense® account. 
  • Users can start and stop Groups or specific pivots directly from this dashboard. 
  • Choose Map View to get a sense of location or switch to List View to see groups and the individual devices in more detail. AgSense pulls from Google Maps to provide an accurate geographic reading.

"Farmers are continuing to be smarter and smarter about the way they use their water. That's why this real-time information is really important." - Lorre McKeone, Nebraska Water Balance Alliance