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Manage your operation. Wherever you are.

New day, new app – the AgSense Mobile app offers the powerful remote control platform you’ve come to rely upon with a few new bells and whistles:

  • Improved loading speed
  • Reduced data usage
  • Enhanced historical data and graphs
  • Streamlined end gun and VRI tables

With the AgSense Mobile app, you get a real-time feed of information that allows you to manage your operation from your smartphone, tablet or PC with an internet connection.

How it Works

AgSense Mobile uses cloud technology to store information remotely from your AgSense devices. Each device’s remote telemetry unit (RTU) stores your operation’s data on our secure server and makes it accessible to you when you need it. You’ll see:

  • Real-time status
  • Historical data
  • Geographic data in map view or list view
  • Device management and monitoring tools
  • Pivot controls

"AgSense offers the greatest pieces of technology we've got on the farm. It's simple to use, and it hasn't let us down yet." - Zach Paulman, Sutherland, NE

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You can still utilize the WagNet® Mobile app on legacy devices (iPhone 4 or older and most Android devices older than 2 years) and access your data online with your AgSense login. Have a new phone but prefer the old app? You can do that, too!

Download the WagNet® Mobile demo by clicking one of the buttons below:


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