What is WagNet?

WagNet (Wireless Agriculture Network) is a cloud based dashboard that provides a feed of real-time information allowing growers to proactively manage their operation from virtually anywhere.

Accessible across any internet connected smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. 

How it Works

Inside each AgSense device is a Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) embedded with application-specific software.

The RTU uploads data to the Internet where it lives on our secure web servers. To assure quality of service, we use several Internet backbones to accommodate data traffic to protect you from a single point of failure. 

This ensures that you always have access to your data and historical information. 

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Realtime Geographic Data with "Map View" 

Monitor and manage all devices through the "Map View" tool found in WagNet. 

Users can start and stop groups or specific pivots directly from this dashboard. 

Toggle between Map View to get a sense of location or switch to "List View" to see groups and the individual devices in more detail. WagNet pulls from Google Maps to provide an accurate geographic reading.

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