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How to Get the Most Value from Remotely Monitoring Water Pressure- Part 2

Tanner Landstrom | Apr 25, 2017

AgSense grants an unmatched peace of mind about the state of your irrigation systems, but the benefit of using this technology to also monitor water pressure is one that often gets overlooked or underutilized. Installing a pressure transducer is an easy way to enhance your remote irrigation management experience as it opens the door for more comprehensive reporting and more refined control of your systems.

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How to Get the Most Value from Remotely Monitoring Water Pressure

Tanner Landstrom | Mar 14, 2017

Using AgSense to remotely monitor your operation can deliver a huge benefit. In addition to providing you with an easy way to keep an eye on things, custom alerts can help prevent costly mishaps that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. However, new updates and features are continuously being added to the AgSense platform, and it’s not always easy to stay ‘in the know’ about what these new features can do for you.

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Understanding the Lingo of Remote Pivot Irrigation

Trisha Mitzel | Dec 21, 2016

Everything in technology has its own language, and remote pivot irrigation is no exception. That’s why understanding the lingo is so important. 

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Investing in Technology on your Irrigation Systems – 3 Things to Consider

Steve Sveum | Dec 12, 2016

The technology advancements have proven very beneficial to the grower both financially and from a ‘lifestyle’ standpoint, but certainly makes the decision making process more complicated.  How much should I spend for remote pivot irrigation and mobile farm management equipment?  What’s the payback?  Where’s the ‘tipping point’ where I become a slave to the technology?

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Is Irrigation Monitoring the Right Way to Connect Your Farm?

Tanner Landstrom | Nov 29, 2016

If the idea of a connected farm still seems obscure to you, there is a good reason for that. A connected farm can mean something different for every operation.

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4 Things to Remember about Grain Bins This Fall

Arlyn Bonen | Nov 23, 2016

Having your product in a safe, controlled and a secure environment is crucial for your peace of mind. Adding alerts and remote control to this only enhances your ability to manage your farm from anywhere in the world.

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