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How In-Field Weather Stations Lighten Your Workload

Tanner Landstrom | Sep 26, 2017

Advances in precision farming technology have completely changed the game for today’s growers by enabling them to remotely monitor, measure and control all kinds of variables. Weather, unfortunately, is one thing that can’t be controlled; however, what IS under our control is choosing the source we trust for our weather information.

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Roadmapping a Successful Irrigation Season

Tanner Landstrom | Aug 24, 2017

Irrigation pivots and automobiles – two things that typically don’t get grouped together but have a surprising amount in common. What makes them so similar? While “wheels, metal, and motors” is a good answer, technology has done the most to tie the two products together.

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How to Know When to Stop Irrigating

Terry Schiltz | Aug 02, 2017

Going into each growing season, we at AgSense ask ourselves how we can continue to add more value for our growers.  We are really good at remotely controlling irrigation pivots and pumps, monitoring soil moisture levels, flow, and current weather conditions.  However, we are not agronomists. That’s why we partner with many ‘Best of Breed’ agronomic software companies, rather than trying to be a ‘One Stop Shop’.  This concept of cooperation we call the ‘Three Legged Stool’ of irrigation management (grower, equipment dealer, agronomic trusted advisor).

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Alerts- The Simple Trick to Reducing Your Irrigation Anxiety

Terry Schiltz | Jul 26, 2017

Every grower knows irrigation season can be hectic and demanding. You may think that adding remote technology will be complicated and hard to learn.  However, AgSense remote irrigation management is just the opposite. It’s very affordable, and the various alerts will make your days and nights much less stressful.

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How to Get the Most Value from Remotely Monitoring Water Pressure- Part 2

Tanner Landstrom | Apr 25, 2017

AgSense grants an unmatched peace of mind about the state of your irrigation systems, but the benefit of using this technology to also monitor water pressure is one that often gets overlooked or underutilized. Installing a pressure transducer is an easy way to enhance your remote irrigation management experience as it opens the door for more comprehensive reporting and more refined control of your systems.

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How to Get the Most Value from Remotely Monitoring Water Pressure

Tanner Landstrom | Mar 14, 2017

Using AgSense to remotely monitor your operation can deliver a huge benefit. In addition to providing you with an easy way to keep an eye on things, custom alerts can help prevent costly mishaps that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. However, new updates and features are continuously being added to the AgSense platform, and it’s not always easy to stay ‘in the know’ about what these new features can do for you.

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