AgSense® Farm


Better Information = Better Decisions

Harvesting Information
AgSense® tells you not only where you are and where you are going, but also powerful reporting tells you where you have been. Comprehensive and customizable historical reports are available under the Reports tab on your device.

Putting Information to Work
Your pivot's Acre's WateredHours PumpedGallons PumpedAverage PSI, and other inputs are tracked and recorded into the AgSense database. This information can be sorted By Angle, By Month, By Day, or by other criteria into charts and graphs which can either be printed or downloaded as an easy-to-read spreadsheet.

Agronomic Software
These reports are available in aggregate form, showing your whole farm on one report. Your data can be exported into various third party agronomic software programs to be merged and analyzed with other information from the same field. Better information equals better decisions. 

"AgSense is simplifying our business. The technology is the foundation for being able to holistically have a system approach at managing a crop" - David Gleason, Simplot Grower Solutions