AgSense® Farm

AgSense® Farm

What does it mean to be an “AgSense Farm”?

As a grower, you need to make informed decisions that will help conserve resources and produce a profitable operation. AgSense puts you in the driver’s seat by helping you keep tabs of your entire operation from anywhere on any device. It’s peace of mind that gives you the time and freedom to enjoy life. When your operation is powered by AgSense, you're armed with the advanced technology you need to maximize your efficiency and save time, water, and money. 

We give you the ability to combine various individual AgSense hardware and software components to create a very comprehensive full field irrigation and data management solution.  Pivot and pump monitor and control, remote implementation of VRI prescriptions, comprehensive historical reporting, along with flow, pressure, grain bin temperature, tank levels, soil moisture, and weather monitoring all available at your fingertips from anywhere. 


  • Application Depth
  • Auxiliary Relay
  • Auxiliary Tables
  • End Guns
  • Pump ON/OFF
  • Speed
  • Speed by Direction
  • VRI Prescriptions
  • VRI by Direction
  • Request Reading
  • Start
  • Start at Time
  • Stop
  • Stop at Angle
  • Stop at Time
  • Direction Change
  • Multi-Location Stop in Slot
  • Multiple Timed Commands
  • Auto-Restart


  • Power On/Off
  • Acre Inches Applied
  • Auxiliary Relay Status
  • Battery Strength
  • Cell Signal
  • Complete Revolution Time
  • Overlap/Crash Zone
  • Current Cycle Time
  • Direction
  • End Guns
  • Estimated Rate
  • Flow
  • GPS Location
  • Historical Reports
  • Last Reading
  • Pending Timed Commands
  • Pivot On/Off
  • Pump On/Off
  • Rainfall
  • Remaining Revolution
  • Run Time
  • Speed
  • Status Alert
  • Stuck Alert
  • System Faults
  • Temperature
  • Theft Monitoring
  • Water Pressure


  • Soil Moisture
  • Evapotranspiration (ET)
  • Leaf Wetness
  • Solar Radiation
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Rainfall
  • Flow
  • Reporting


  • Grain Temp
  • Grain Temp Alerts
  • Tank Levels
  • Tank Level Alerts
  • Fan Status
  • Remote Fan ON/OFF
  • Reporting


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Welcome to the AgSense® Farm

Being a grower is hard work – making your farm an “AgSense® Farm” is about simplifying that process to make decision-making and monitoring easier, smarter and more real-time. The AgSense Farm offers technology that brings information together at your fingertips for reliable, instant, easy access for better control and peace of mind. | 4 min 54 sec